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Can I Invest in Bitcoins in the UK?

After their initial release in January 2009, several countries around the world started to adopt the digital currency referred to as bitcoins. Since then, even more regions have grown to encompass the trading potential of this unique form of tender – and recently, the United Kingdom began taking part in the global trading potential of the currency.

Can I Invest in Bitcoins in the UK?

Anyone living within the United Kingdom can invest in bitcoins, in much the same way as the rest of the world. In order to take part in the trading, selling and buying of these coins, a user must consider signing up to a third party service that allows users to transact. In all instances an account will be required, where bitcoins can be safely stored and traded as required.

There are several third party trading platforms within the UK – one of which can be signed up to by visiting

Upon visiting, a user will be required to provide information that will be used to verify their identity and this is one of the measures that are taken to ensure that fraudulent activities are kept under control, whilst maintaining the safety and security that bitcoin transactions have become synonymous with.

How easy it is to trade?

Once an account has been verified and a user has been approved, they will be assigned with a digital wallet; similar to those of other services like PayPal. This wallet will comprise of its own unique form of coding, which can be used to identify any and all transactions – as and when they happen. In order to obtain coins, a user must invest their own money (in GBP, as is the case with British transactions), which will then go toward the cost of bitcoins.

As things stand the coins aren’t issued with an actual value, so it often comes down to what the third party platform deems to be the appropriate price per coin. A good example would be to say that for a single coin, £700 would be required as an investment from the buyer. They will always have the option to sell their coin back for the amount that they paid; or keep hold of it until the market value increases and they can see a return on their investment.

This is why many people are considering purchasing bitcoins with the intention of having them replace their regular financial investments. Where the markets are constantly fluctuating (which can result in unfortunate losses), bitcoins are becoming increasingly less common – and once they hit their 21 million limit (currently 15 million are in circulation), their value is believed to reach an all-time high and this is where investors could stand to reap the greatest rewards.