About The Bros

Piranha Bros love games – board games, card games, and computer games – and the more strategic the games the more we love to play them!

Established in 2000 for the purpose of manufacturing and distributing the Seven Deadly Sins board game, Piranha Bros are based on the beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. It is planned that Piranha Bros will continue to develop many more games and in fact two more are on the drawing board right now (to be released in 2001). Development of the Seven Deadly Sins board game commenced in mid 1995 and has taken four years to get it to the stage that it is now. This highly challenging new board game continues to surprise its creators with new moves and strategies still being discovered to help you defeat your opponents.

From the outset our business philosophy has encouraged the practice of “Caring and Sharing”. Employees most dedicated to Piranha Bros should hopefully end up running and (part) owning the company. Existing shareholders can work for the company if and when they want and the end result is that we all support each other.